Overhead Doors Ltd.

Cladwood Panels

K2 Door can build cladwood garage doors and we also provide replacement panels for such doors.

Our raised cladwood panel doors keep looking great throughout the seasons, no matter what the weather. Cladwood's soft woodgrain takes finish better than plywood and does not readily allow dust or dirt to settle on its surface. Whether painted or stained, this durable, all-climate overhead door will complement the beauty of your home for years to come.


For painting cladwood we recommend a good quality, semi-gloss, oil-based paint or exterior latex. If you choose you may stain and seal the doors.

Materials & Construction

The Raised Cladwood Grain door includes the following:

  • Clear, kiln-dried stiles and rails
  • Mortise and tenon construction
  • Primer
  • Inlayed plywood on bottom section to help
    eliminate sagging on doors 14' and wider
  • Custom sizes available

Models & Dimensions

Widths: 8’, 9’ 10’ • Heights: 6’6”, 7’, 8’

Widths: 12’, 14’ 16’, 18' • Heights: 6’6”, 7’, 8’

Panel Types

These panels are available is a variety of sizes.

Excel is available in two sizes.

Glazing Options


All doors are covered by a 3 year limited warranty as defined in our specifications. The warranty is not valid if the door is not adequately sealed on both sides.