Overhead Doors Ltd.
Maintenance & Warranty


K2 Overhead Door custom wood garage doors are constructed using only the finest materials and are available sanded unfinished or factory primed.  Every effort has been made to ensure long life and satisfactory operation.  With proper finishing and maintenance, our door will remain a beautiful enhancement to your home for many years.   

It is essential that all surfaces be treated immediately upon delivery.  Apply two coats of high quality exterior oil or latex paint to these surfaces.  The exterior may be painted, stained or clear coat finished.  Apply the finish following the product manufacturers written instructions.  Use only exterior grade finished and apply at least two coats of the product unless otherwise instructed.

K2 Overhead Door recommends siliconing exterior edges of all face edges on stained finished doors after staining and sealing.  Primed doors are factory siliconed. 


Inspect the surface of your garage door at regular intervals to insure that the paint or stain surface is intact and in good condition.  If the paint or stain surface shows signs of peeling or fading, lightly sand the panels to form a good bonding surface, and repaint or restain with a high quality exterior product.  Cleaning of the exterior should be done with a damp cloth only.  It is not recommended that you spray water under pressure directly at the door surface as this may lead to infiltration and damage.  Hardware components should be inspected for proper lubrication and wear.  We recommend that you have your garage door inspected by a professional garage door technician once per year.  Garage door hardware components are under tension and pose a danger to untrained personnel.  Consult the original installing dealer for professional service and maintenance.


K2 Overhead Door warrants all supplied components to be free from defect for a period of one year from the purchase date.  Any parts deemed to be defective will be repaired or replaced at the discretion of K2 Overhead Door.  Damage due to accidents, abuse or improper installation will void the warranty.  Failure to adhere to the finishing instructions may void the warranty on the door panels.